Project information

Territorial and Administrative Reform in Albania


"Citizens' voice survey" is a project that aims to collect, through a representative sample, citizens' opinions regarding:

  • The knowledge citizens have about different aspects of the reform
  • The level of support or opposition shown by citizens for the need for reform in principle
  • The level of support or opposition shown by the citizens in relation to the specific proposals for the new administrative division proposed by the Government
  • Reasons for support or opposition
  • Different perceptions on the problem faced by the local government


In order to have a sample/sample as representative of the population as possible, with an equal or calculable selection opportunity for each area/adult citizen of Albania, a careful sampling scheme has been drawn up.

  • The territory of Albania is divided into 47 functional zones according to the variant with more zones proposed.
  • Areas are categorized into certain population segments to make a sample size breakdown for each population segment.
  • The smallest geographical areas defined by the Voting Centers according to the most recent parliamentary elections of 2013 will serve as Primary Sampling Units.
  • A stratification of the Primary Sampling Units is done according to the Urban or Rural parameter (Municipality/Community) and then according to the relevant local government unit.
  • A specific algorithm selects Primary Sample Units using the number of voters for each Polling Center as their size parameter.