Project information

  • Category: Consulting , Web , Software
  • Client: Telemetrix
  • Date: 2012
  • URL: Telemetrix

Complete solution for TV Audience Measurement


Telemetrix required a complete solution for TV audience measurement including:

  • Conceptualizing a system for capturing and sending data through equipment attached to TV sets of panel households.
  • Collaboration with hardware manufacturers to allow real-time collection of household TV data.
  • Web interface for reporting and data management.


TiViMat uses sophisticated algorithms of audio-matching along with complementary source checking and people exposure to TV. It continually sends data to Telemetrix Data Center that processes information in real-time. Developed the complete online platform for TV Audience measurement, including:

  • Web interface for accessing data and reports.
  • Modular back-end system which manages the data sent from TAM hardware and manages the installed TiViMat household equipment.
  • Testing, installation and delivery of the system to Telemetrix.
  • Preparation of user manuals for system operation.
  • Database design for TAM data and panel household socio-demographic data storage