Project information

Portal of Legal Integrity


The project "Evaluation of Corruption Spaces in Albanian Legislation" aims to build a system for a professional evaluation of the corruption spaces of legislation in Albania. IDRA will create a set of instruments that can be used by experts in the field of drafting legislation, such as:

  • Manual for assessing the scope for corruption in legislation
  • Set of procedures to be applied during the drafting of legislation
  • Standard reports for evaluating the scope for corruption in legislation
  • An electronic database to store legislation evaluation reports


This electronic portal built by IDRA will serve to see which recommendations will be taken into consideration, from the evaluation reports prepared by the selected experts.

  • A corruption risk assessment system is applied to each of the reports, and the portal ranks legal acts depending on this indicator, so that the issues most at risk can be monitored.
  • The portal, among others, also aims to serve to inform and educate the public on these issues.