Project information

Management Information System (MIS) for Agriculture Fuel in Albania


MOARD - Albania, as part of the project to create and put in function a supportive scheme for agriculture fuel without taxes for farmers, required preparation of a solution for a management information system (MIS) that would operate this scheme. Agriculture Fuel MIS will be the main tool to be used by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for:

  • Management of all farmer applications.
  • Management of fuel card distribution to qualified farmers.
  • Fuel distribution and monitoring.
  • Field Monitoring and auditing of farmers who have received untaxed gasoline.


IDRA DiGIS conceptualized the system and prepared complete Systems Requirements Specifications (SRS) for the MIS. SRS included:

  • MIS User profiles
  • User stories for all the features of the system
  • Farmers Application data collection tool for e-Albania
  • Database structure/design
  • Mock-ups
  • Developing all Algorithms for all calculations of the MIS
  • Mobile app concepts and user stories
  • Training the users of the system