Project information

General Local Plan For The Municipality of Korca


The project for "Drafting General Local Plans for 26 Municipalities in the Republic of Albania, divided into Lots", has included a very large study territory in the Republic of Albania. The selected municipalities are those which in recent years have shown that they bear the greatest weight of development pressure, due to their strategic position or the natural resources found in their territory.

  • To respond to the needs of the Municipality and the requirements set forth above, the consultant has devised and prepared the model and technical requirements that will precede a multi-purpose platform according to the Geographical Information System (GIS), as a recommendation to the municipality, to adapt it as the basic structure for its data.
  • In support of the Decision on the Registry, the computer programs recommended to be used by local government units for electronic communication purposes will be according to open standards (ie: with standards that are open and available to extensive public use and processing).